MSC Video Series 7-9

7. Sticking Concept 2: Diddles

The Diddles sticking concept will have you embellishing melodies with both tap diddles and a paradiddle based concept.  You will also find an exercise in this video that I use to help my students isolate the timing and motion of developing good diddles/double strokes.

8. Sticking Concept 3: Ta'diddles

Ta’diddles is my favorite sticking concept to work on because it can sound amazing even with simple melodic ideas.  It is also an important foundation to have in place before moving on to the Swiss’diddles and Stick Shot sticking conepts.

9. Sticking Concept 4: Call and "Right"sponse

Try the Call and “Right”sponse experiment in this video to test your ability to move your melodic ideas to the right side of your kit.  For a greater challenge and benefit, make sure to use this same concept and reverse sticking manipulations for moving all of your melodic ideas to your left hand!