MSC Video Series 10-12

10. Sticking Concept 5: Swiss'diddles

Swiss’diddles offer an innovative approach to incorporporating flams drumset improvisations.  They use a consistent sticking concept guided by the melodic ideas, as opposed to the more traditional approach of trying to decide on the fly which of the many flam rudiments to use/combine.

11. Sweeping Warm-Up

The “Flams & Smalfs variation of the Swiss’diddle sticking concept requires a lot of stick sweeps.  This video will give you some suggestions and exercises to make the “Flams & Smalfs” variations more manageable – they are challenging enough without having to think about sweeping techniques!

12. Stick Shots

Stick shots add a very distinct color to your drumming “palette.”  Check out the basic double stroke exercise in this video to get you started with stick shot techniques, and then watch the solo demonstration at the end to discover some of my favorite stick shot drum set applications developed from exercises in Melodic Stick Control.