The Drummers of Disneyland

*An unofficial tribute to the drummers that have performed at the Disneland Resort throughout the decades.

“Disney Drum Camp”

I have been a drummer at the Disneyland Resort for 30 years now, and consider myself incredibly fortunate to have worked with some of the best (and possibly most underappreciated) drummers in the world.  I liken my experience at Disneyland to attending a drum camp that never ends, where it is inevitable that you get better when surrounded by so many other talented drummers.  I have learned something from every single drummer I have worked with at “the park”, and I hope you benefit as well by checking out some of the videos/media links included in this unofficial tribute to “The Drummers of Disneyland.”

Get Added

Did/do you work at “the park” and want to be included on this page?  I intend to eventually include all drummers that were hired as cast members since Disneyland opened.  If I haven’t gotten to you yet, you can expedite your addition by clicking on either of the links below (if you have a Google account, it will make it easier to provide some of the info).

Hired In The…