MSC Video Series (1-3)

1. The Overlay Concept

The Overlay Concept’s roots can be found in common applications of Ted Reed’s Syncopation.  One of the best examples being found in Steve Houghton’s Studio and Big Band Drumming, where he overlayed 8th note triplets on big band figures.  Watch all MSC videos to discover new concepts inspired by their genius.

2. The Clear Melody Concept

In Melodic Stick Control, I have modified traditional overlay methods with “The Clear Melody Concept”, which I have found to be more musically versatile in two ways: 1. It brings more clarity to the melody, and 2. it makes it possible to execute the overlay concept at much faster tempos.

3. Phrasing

There are three key elements for developing interesting and musical phrasing; varied lengths of rest between musical ideas, varied idea lengths, and varied beats that our ideas begin and end on. I have incorporated these elements in all of the exercises of Melodic Stick Control in an effort to make your stick control practice time more efficient and musical.