Jazz Grooving

Having my students learn to comp jazz rhythms from famous melodies and solos (improvised melodies) was the natural evolution of the Melody Rhythm Reading exercises.  It solves the biggest problem most drummers have when they comp (besides coordination), and that is Groove!  What sets great jazz drummers apart from the mediocre is there ability to keep there comping from disrupting the time flow.  In order to do this, your comping ideas have to groove, and there is no better way to learn how to do this than playing along with the amazing feel, phrasing and nuances of some of the greats.

All of the Exercises on the Jazz Grooving page have been orchestrated in 2-Parts: snare and bass drum and should be played with a 2-part jazz ostinato (ride pattern in the right hand, and 2 & 4 with the left foot).


Jazz Grooving Page