Melody Rhythm Reading


Click on the song title to open the pdf, and click on “Play Alongs” to access the tracks – cut specifically to play along with the melodies from each skill level (I have also attempted to organize each category from easiest to hardest).  Keep in mind that ties, note values and some vocal flourishments have occasionally been modified/exempted to simplify the exercises for novice readers.


1.   Poinciana

2.   Sitting On The Dock of The Bay

3.   Wonderful Tonight

4.   In The Air Tonight

5.   Sledgehammer

6.   Come Together

7.   Chameleon

8.   Urgent

9.   We Will Rock You

10.   The Longest Time

(Cut Time)


1.   Ain’t No Sunshine

2.   Hotel California

3.   Blinded By the Light

4. Honky Cat

5 Shiny Stockings

6.   Big Shot

7.   I Want You Back

8.   Freddie Freeloader

9.   The Heart of Rock and Roll

10.   Blue Room


1.   A Night In Tunisia

2.   Lights

(Triplet partials)

3.   Funky Drummer

4.   Some Skunk Funk

5.   St. Thomas

6.   Captain Fingers

7.   Cool Blues

8.   He Loves You

9.   Moonglow

10.   Estela va a estellar


1.   Yesterdays

2.  Push Comes to Shove

3.   On the Sunny Side of the Street

4.   Chicago

5.   Un Puesto Vacante

6.   Body and Soul

7.   Time Check

8.   How High The Moon

9.   Muerta Guira

10.   Embraceable You


Many of my novice students have benefitted greatly by playing along with a visual representation of the rhythms lining up with the Play Alongs (similar to the bouncing ball concept in Karaoke).  I use SoundSlice to create these visual practice tools, and will probably do it for all of the Melody Rhythm Reading exercises eventually.  If there are any in particular you would like me to prioritize, please feel free to make a request using the SOUNDSLICE REQUESTS button below.

1.   Poinciana

2.   Sitting On the Dock of the Bay

3.   Wonderful Tonight

4.   In The Air Tonight

5.   Sledge Hammer

6.   Come Together

7.   We Will Rock You

8.   Hotel California

9.   I Want You Back

10.   Push Comes To Shove