MSC Video Series (4-6)

4. Sticking Concepts Overview: Part 1

Learning to apply various overlays on simple melodic ideas will give you the ability to think simply, yet still sound interesting.  Most importantly, take time to improvise ideas from Melodic Stick Control (or any book you are working out of), because you won’t have exercises to read in front of you on the gig!

5. Sticking Concepts Overview: Part 2

The Bass Drum Fill-In variation of each exercise will strengthen your command of each sticking concept, and add to your vocabulary by improving your coordination to treat the bass drum as it’s own voice/color.  This video also exposes the  sneaky way Melodic Stick Control exercises will have you learning your rudiments too!

6. Sticking Concept 1: Alternating Singles

Alternating single strokes is the most basic, but probably the most important sticking concept to master for developing creative freedom on the drum set. It is also a necessary foundation for playing Diddles, the 2nd sticking concept in Melodic Stick Control which you can learn about in video 7 of this series.