Vanessa Vendiola


Mickey’s Soundsational Parade (Drum Set), The Disneyland Band (Bass Drum, Tenor Drums)

Vanessa’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

Since becoming a musician at the Disneyland Resort, I have had to elevate my listening ability quite a bit. Most of my education and training has been in marching percussion and the context for entertainment at Disneyland is so different! I’m thankful to have been introduced to different musical styles and paired with other drummers from various backgrounds, that have also been really supportive of my growth post “age-out.”

What I Have Learned From Vanessa:

I was actually a big fan of Vanessa’s long before she was hired to work at Disneyland.  Being a drum line dad at Chino Hills HS often had me checking out the competition (Ayala High School), so I had the pleasure of seeing Vanessa perform many times with Ayala’s indoor drumline.  One of my favorite performances of hers with Ayala was in their 2004 show “Transgression.”  At the very end of the show (spoiler) Vanessa pulls out a knife and reveals that she was the murderer!  Anyhow, it was her incredible charisma in that show that stuck with me, and working with her now professionally, it is a reminder of how as performers we can have lasting impressions on our audience/guests by always trying to add  a little “extra” to every performance in order to make ordinary “extra-ordinary”!  (Click HERE to see Vanessa playing tenors in Transgression)


In addition to playing in the Disneyland Band, Vanessa continues to teach at local drumline programs and freelances with both Sidle Entertainment and LA Marching Band. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, she has been further exploring her interest of home design and organization.