Ray Templin


Disneyland Band (Bass Drum, Percussion, Piano and Banjo)

Ray’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

I came to California from Chicago in 1979 to pursue a career as an actor. Called Disneyland seeking possible sub work, auditioned and was hired to play ragtime piano on Main Street. Subsequently played piano in a character show at Plaza Gardens Pavilion for the Park’s 25th anniversary. Disneyland band member Bruce Healey was vacating the bass drum / percussion chair to become a staff arranger and I was asked to sub – mostly on bass drum – while replacements were sought. I played bass drum and cymbal and was featured on piano for the stage concerts. Time passed, I wasn’t getting much acting work so, when asked to join the Band permanently, I accepted. My life changed. That Band was an amazing group of talented players who had done it all from the big bands to recording studios to circuses to shows to clubs and I was in awe. I learned so much and was inspired daily. Joe Shaw, the snare and set drummer, was from the Chicago area, also and we both had come up through the local dance, wedding and rock bands and clicked right away. We could sense what each other was about to do and played so tightly that many listeners were surprised that there were actually two drummers. I’m very proud of that. The Band usually stayed together all morning and broke down into smaller groups to cover other areas of the park after lunch. This is when I played piano or banjo in The Delta Ramblers, Five Alarm Jazz Band, Lost Arkyologists and Swing Soufflé or solo on the steamship Mark Twain and in New Orleans Square. It’s interesting how you can be aiming in one direction when life turns left and you either go with it or be stubborn. Although I was able to get out and do acting and voice work over the years, I am so glad that I took that turn toward Anaheim.

What I Have Learned Working With Ray:

Ray was one of the first guys at “the park” to make me feel like an underachiever – but in a good way!  When surrounded by multi-talented factotum’s like Ray, it was inevitable that I would eventually find ways to expand my horizons and learn new skills.  Besides being a wonderful drummer, pianist, actor, and voice over artist, Ray was just fun to work with.  He was supportive to us new comers, and always brought great humor to the ups and downs of theme park work.  Make sure to check out the videos on Ray’s YouTube channel where he continues to bring levity to some of life’s most important issues!

Beyond “The Park”

Ray: “I warmed up the audience and led the band for 1000 performances of the “Pecos Bill Wild West Review” at the Golden Horseshoe as prospector “Grungy Rufus.” When Fantasyland was re-designed in 1983, Disney Imagineering hired me to re-create many character voices. Unknown to many co-workers, I am the most heard male character voice in the Fantasyland rides, including the German Ringmaster on “Dumbo’s Circus Train.” Outside the “berm”, I owned Ray Templin’s Bar on three seasons of “Matlock” and did voice-overs on two seasons of “Married…with Children.” Lots of “industrial” videos, messages on hold and even a stage show with the Muppets!”