Paul Johnson


Side Street Strutters (Drum Set), Jambalaya Jazz Band (Drum Set, Strolling Snare and Bass Drum), Royal Street Bachelors (Drum Set, Strolling Snare)

Paul’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

“Performing every day for thousands of guests keeps me spry and agile!”

What I Have Learned From Paul:

I have had the opportunity to work with Paul both in a “2nd Line” two drummer setting, and also on banjo while he was playing kit.  Having these perspectives has been fun and enlightening because Paul is a musician’s drummer: he makes it easy to play, makes you sound good, and also pushes you to play to your potential.  He does this with a relaxed approach which prioritizes groove over chops, and he has incredible instincts for what the musicians need…and want!  Some of  that may be due to talent, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that he listens to  (and has exposed me to) a crap-ton of music.  Observing Paul practice over the years backstage has also been educational, because he is usually either grooving to recordings or perfecting simple ideas.  That is not to say that Paul doesn’t have chops though!  Along with trying to absorb and emulate his “Gold Standard” musicianship, I have stolen some of his licks too!!


Check Out Paul with the Side Street Strutters on YouTube:

Pennies From Heaven