More Testimonials

Musically valid chop building!!!

Matt Matson knows this subject matter. He has a background and experience have lead him to this concept. The layout is easy to read, he gives detailed instructions, and stickings. I am looking forward to spending time using his work to open up my musical possibilities.

Sammy K

Fresh, new, detailed, flexible, interesting, and in-depth!

First of all, drum books that assume drummers have brains and are willing to do the work: good.

Drum books that don’t rehash old teaching concepts and rhythmic figures you find in most other drum books: great.

Drum books that are flexible and will stay with you from an early intermediate level all the way through your pro career: fantastic.

I’m really loving digging into this book and finding all it has to offer. It’s full detailed explanation, useful concepts, effective excercises, and practice advice. Thank you for writing this book, Matt!.

Jeremy Olsen

What better way to teach the next generation how to start with drumming basics.
This is by far the best instructional book I’ve seen for a long time. My son really enjoys instructional lessons from this book.


Karnold Lee

Thanks Matt!

I’ve been playing percussion for 23 years and never really connected with any drum set book. After books I studied in middle/high school and college years, they all seemed to have been saying the same thing over and over again. This book, on the other hand, introduces ideas and methods that are fresh and much needed in the drum scene. Matt is incredibly detailed and shares his love for playing throughout this book, and the world needs to check it out. I’ve been able to take my skills to a whole new level because of this book. Thanks Matt!

Fernando Miller

A must for the serious drummer!!!

This book seems to cover everything I did not learn as a graduate of USC in Jazz Studies on Drumset. I was taught melodic rhythms in the left hand while playing swing, bossa, or rock patterns while playing melodic lines from the Ted Reed Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer. This book seems to fill in the blanks of everything that should have been taught but wasn’t. I now have many hours of practice ahead of me to get to the level I want to be at, Thank you Matt for writing this great book!!!!!!

Dave Edo