Keelan Tobia


The Disneyland Band (Snare Drum), Green Army Patrol (Snare, Quads and “Toys”), Mickey’s Soundsational Parade (Snare Drum), Festival of Holidays Toy Drummers (Snare Drum)

Keelan’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

“When you work as a musician at the Disneyland resort, you not only inherit the prestige of past performers, you also represent one of the most acclaimed brands related to music and entertainment. My responsibilities in the park made my playing more intentional, and have helped develop my ears to the nuances of being in an ever-changing ensemble. “


What I Have Learned From Keelan:

Keelan’s ratio of snare drumming ability to cockiness is way out of wack!  When I found out that I was going to be working with this young gifted snare drummer, I knew it would be an opportunity for me to learn some new skills, but I wasn’t expecting to get a lesson in humility too!  His sincere deference and willingness to listen/respond to feedback is admirable.  While I am certainly inspired to work on improve my snare drumming every time I work with Keelan, I am also challenged to work on improving my own snare ability to cockiness ratio.