Disneyland Band (Snare, Tenors and Bass Drum), Mickey’s Soundsational Parade (Snare)

Jorge’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

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What I Have Learned Working With Jorge:

As I write this, the Disneyland Band is remounting after a year off due to the Pandemic of 2020.  We are in the middle of a grueling series of overnight rehearsals, yet I find myself grateful not only for the work, but also for the opportunity to be an understudy to Jorge as I try to learn the snare parts he has crafted during the 5 years leading up to the temporary closing of Disneyland.  I am humbled by his command of the snare, and also happy to see that he is continuing (in his own style) a tradition of excellence in the Disneyland Band snare chair set by his predecessors.  The combination of his drum corps experience with the Blue Devils and his South American drumming influences (he jokingly refers to as somewhere way below the border) has resulted in a hybrid drummer that I have no doubt will continue to inspire me, but more importantly entertain 1000’s with innovative ideas at Disneyland and beyond.    

Check Out Jorge:

Disneyland Band (2018)