Jimmy Ford


 Orleans St. Band (Snare & Bass Drum), Swing Souffle’ (Drumset), The 50th Celebration Band (Snare Drum), Main St. Straw Hatters (Snare Drum), The Yuletide Dickens Brass Band (Snare and Percussion)

Jimmy’s Experience Working at “The Park”

“Disneyland has been a great connecting source to perform with top notch musicians as well as earning a living playing drums.”


What I Have Learned Working With Jimmy

My first full time gig at Disneyland was trading off on snare drum and bass drum with Jimmy Ford in the “Orleans St. Band” in 1997.  What a formative gift that was to play alongside (and study from) a world class jazz musician in that New Orleans inspired 2nd Line setting.  I personally have a history of being a chronic over intellectualizer when I drum, where as Jimmy is all feel and heart.  While he may not have cured me, working alongside Jimmy has been  a positive influence in my advancement of learning to kick a band, and to just play music.  I still get to play with Jimmy on occasion when I sub on banjo in the Straw Hatters, and it is always a treat.  He continues to inspire and encourage me in a spirit that I hope to pass along to the next generation of Disneyland Drummers.  Make sure to try and find Jimmy performing on Main St.  whenever you visit the park.   

Beyond “The Park”

Jimmy owned and operated the Ford Drum Company for 15 years (I love my Ford kit!),  Before working at the park Jimmy toured for 5 years with the legendary Lionel Hampton.  Coincidentally, my high school jazz band (Hemet) opened up for Lionel Hamtpon with Jimmy about 10 years before Jimmy and I started working together (I think it took a couple of years of working together before we pieced together our previous connection!)