Groove Transcriptions

I will eventually upload all of my groove transcriptions to the page linked below, and I think you will agree that my transcribing habit was a bit excessive at times.  Transcribing can reveal subtlies that you would never have been aware of by listening alone, but when it comes to transcribing grooves,  I now believe less is more.  I recommend transcribing and internalizing/memorizing the essence of grooves you want to learn ( 1 to 8 bars ), as opposed to transcribing and reading longer transcriptions.  The rationale behind it is twofold:

  1. There aren’t any gigs in the world that you need to develop the ability to read complicated transcriptions.
  2. Limiting the length of your transcriptions will increase the likelihood that you will internalize it, and therefore have it in your toolbox to use effectively and musically when you need it.

My Groove Transcriptions