Groove Etymology

Etymology is the study of words – where they came from and how they have changed throughout history.  Groove Etymology is my attempt to study grooves with a similar organized approach.  Without some sort of organization, the things we learn as drummers can get thrown in a “mental junk drawer” that is not conducive to overall understanding nor retention.  The Groove Etymology page is categorized in a way that helps my brain organize the grooves of our great drumming predecessors, and each transcription includes the song title, artist, recording date, and drummer.  Feel free to use any of it for you and your students, or as inspiration to  create your own organized groove knowledge.

While organization is key for remembering grooves, make sure and do the critical work of listening and practicing all of the grooves (I have included a youtube playlist for every category of transcriptions).  My philosophy of groove knowledge can be summed up in four words.  Organize. Listen. Practice. KNOW.

Groove Etymology Page