Fernando Miller


The Disneyland Band (Snare Drum, Bass Drum), Green Army Patrol (Snare, Quads and “Toys”), Trash Can Trio, The Pearly Band (Snare Drum, Bass Drum), Mickey’s Soundsational Parade (Snare Drum), Festival of Holidays Toy Drummers (Snare Drum), Food and Wine Festival’s The Jammin’ Chefs, Calling all Drummers

Fernando’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

“I reached a professional level I never thought I would achieve. Nothing like waking up and going to work to play music.”

What I Have Learned From Fernando:

Usually when someone tells you how unbelievably awesome a movie is, it becomes impossible for it to live up to the hype.  I heard about Fernando long before I met him, and Fernando is that rare quality “movie” that didn’t disappoint.  I have never had the good fortune to work with  anyone as metronomically meticulous or contemptibly competent as Fernando.  He has reminded me that we are all better off being surrounded by co-workers who challenge us to grow and be better, and in his case particularly in the area tempo.  Fernando appears to be naturally gifted in the area of tempo/inner pulse (and he might be), but I have also witnessed prior to many shows him reviewing and reinforcing the tempo for every song that we are about to perform.  I have too often had the jazz mentality that I would just “feel it” when we got on set, but some (maybe all?) gigs really demand that you do your “metronome homework” so that you aren’t winging it on stage, and thereby ending up with a tempo that has the potential to crash the band.  It is incredibly unfortunate that Fernando has had to stop working as a performer at Disneyland due to irreparable nerve damage, but I know that the positive affects he has had on myself and countless other drummers in his pursuit of excellence will last for many years to come.