Bruce Healey


The Disneyland Band (Slingerland 14X14 Snare Drum, Ludwig 12X26 Vistalite Bass Drum), Snow White Band (Christmas Parade), The Mouseketeers Stage Show (percussion/keyboards), The Kids of the Kingdom Stage Show (percussion/keyboards), “Fun With Music” Band (Leader)

Bruce’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

“Drumming at Disneyland got my foot in the door to many other opportunities including promotion to the Music Department in late 1980.”

What I Have Learned From Bruce:

Bruce is the epitome of humble.  Did you know that he wrote the music for Fantasmic!?  I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t, but only because Bruce doesn’t go around touting his many musical accomplishments.  You might also be surprised to know, that Bruce’s illustrious Disney arranging and composition career had the humble beginning of performing on snare drum and bass drum in the Disneyland Band back in the late 1970’s.  After working full time performing for 2 years in the park, Bruce moved behind the scenes and became the most accomplished and prolific composer the Happiest Place on Earth has ever employed.  Maybe even more impressive however, is the humility and professionalism that Bruce conducted himself with (and conducted!) in every rehearsal that I was fortunate to take part.  Never once did he have a “dig me” moment.  His focus was always on making great music, and treating everyone involved with respect and kindness.  While I may have “learned” all of this from Bruce, I still need more practice – and accomplishments!


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