Alex Blake


Soundsational Parade (Snare Drum), Disneyland Band (Quads and Snare Drum), Food and Wine Festivals Jammin Chefs ( A huge stove with pots and Pans), Festival of Holidays Toy Soldier show and drumline (Snare), Operation Playtime Green Army Partrol (Snare, Quads, Toys), The Tale of the Lion King (Djembe)

Alex’s Experience Working at “The Park”:

“I have been super fortunate to continue my love for drumming with the Disneyland resort but the best part is always learning from others. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences and being exposed to others ideas and styles always has the ability to teach you something new.”

What I Have Learned Working With Alex:

At first glance, you might think Alex and I are identical twins.  I kid, because the dude is easy on the eyes and ripped, but the truth his I feel like we are more similar than we are different.  He is constantly working on bettering himself on his break time at work, obsessed with excellence (arguably more successful in this endeavor), and openly communicative – which is refreshing in a world where people are more inclined to discuss issues they may have with you behind your back, rather than discuss them with you directly.  While Alex and I have disagreed on issues on multiple occasions, the times that I have had to admit I was wrong have been humbling reminders of the importance of keeping an open mind to learning from others – especially those who have spent considerably less years on this planet than you, but can still teach you a great deal because of their vast and different life/musical experience.  Besides Alex’s performance suggestions that have helped me to improve, check out the following links Alex has shared with me that have inspired and challenged me to expand my musical experiences:

Neo Soul/Hip Hop Mix

La Guira Master


Beyond “The Park”

2009 DCI Undefeated World Champion and Undefeated Drum Title (Blue Devils)

2010-2011 Drumline Live Touring Cast

2018 Grammy Award Winner for Best Music Film as a Musician for Beyonce’s Coachella “Homecoming”