MSC Video 8 now live!

Video 8 of the Melodic Stick Control series demonstrates my favorite sticking concept – “Ta’diddles”.  Click here to see how I use it to embellish Rosanna and some of my other favorite grooves.

Video 7 is Live!

Watch Video 7 supporting my book Melodic Stick Control to see how to use the Tap-Diddles and Para-Diddles sticking concepts to embellish melodic figures from any genre of music. Plus you can see me demo a basic roll exercise good for developing double strokes –...

Video 6 is up!

I had hoped to get all 14 videos released in 2018, but stuff happens.  I plan on releasing 1 a month for the next 8 months.  Thanks to all who have been giving great (or more accurately valuable) feedback.  You can check out Video 6 here: MSC Video 6.

MSC Video 4 is live!

Video 4 is now live, and hopefully the playing examples will get you excited about how the exercises in Melodic Stick Control will eventually lead to melody driven drumming.  Click here: Video 4 to see the latest video, and make sure to subscribe to the Melodic Stick...

Melodic Stick Control Video 3 Live!

The latest video supporting my book Melodic Stick Control is now live here: Phrasing.  I am excited about this aspect of my book, because I have yet to find any other stick control books that have phrasing.  You are what you practice, so if your sticking exercises...